I had no idea the United Nations knew how to slide in the DMs,

but there it was.

An Instagram message from the UN on behalf of President Obama, asking if I would like to be the keynote speaker at their Global Millennial Tech Conference.

The topic they wanted me to cover?  

How I avoided the “7 Deadly Entrepreneurial Mistakes” and raised over $500,000 of venture capital investment…in less than a month.


My name is Brian, and I teach start-up founders the business side of launching and growing their tech companies.



If you’re ready to turn your app or website idea into reality, then learning to code is the last thing you need to worry about. I’ve written out everything I said at that private event in my FREE guide for you here.

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The 7 Deadly Entrepreneurial Mistakes

Go ahead, have them sent to you.

I write about tech, entrepreneurship and business growth.  This month, I'm giving away a free one-on-one consultation about how to raise your seed round in 30 days or less

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